In Memory….

This past week has been a little unusual in the life of our car club.  We have lost two of our longtime members.


First, was Jerry Nunn.  Jerry was a founding member of TSCC back in 1985 when a bunch of guys got together to have a car show at Toad Suck Park.  They formed the club that we know today.  Jerry had been active in the club from the day that I joined, but the last few years, his health had not let me be as active as he wanted.  He in just about every capacity of club officers through the years.


Next, Harrell Bates… Harrell joined TSCC around 1990 sometime.  He served many years as president of the car club and was very active in the club.  Harrell knew many car show goers around the state and helped take care of getting our awards and took care of a lot of the preparations for the car shows.


It is my hope that we set the same legacy for the car club for future members, as these guys have for us.

Jerry & Harrell

Both of these guys will be missed greatly by the car club.  Our thoughts and prayers are with both families during this time.


Don Searls

2014 TSCC President

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