January 2015



The meeting was called to order by president Don Searls with 14 members and guest present.

The treasurer report was given by Thomas Hudson.  The balance as of January 12, 2015 was $7,887.12.


Thanks were given to everyone who helped with the club Christmas party.  Special thanks was given to Joanne Hamm for organizing the party, Thomas Hudson for cooking the meat and Bill Helton for letting the club use his business for the party.  We had a total of 33 who attended the party.

There are no upcoming car shows to announce.


Some car show participants have requested to have the judges sheets available to look at after the show.  It seems to be a policy not to provide the judges sheets to the participants. A decision was made not give the participants the score sheets, but we can tell them what areas they need to work on to improve their score.

The car planning meeting will be held on March 7, 2015 at Antioch Baptist church.

Our club member Royann Forman is sick and the club will send her a get well card.

Door prizes were given out and the 50/50 was won by Bruce Hamm.  A motion was made and 2nd. to adjourn.


From the President

Hope you like the new format of our newsletter.  It makes it easier to produce and get it emailed out.

So we are starting a new year... we missed several of you at the first meeting and are hoping that everyone gets back into the swing of things next month.  We will have some planning to do for the upcoming car show in May.  That may seem like it's far off, but believe me, it's not.  They seem to come around quicker each year.

Once thing I would like to see happen this year, is the car club grow.  If you know someone that has an interest in cars, they don't have to own one, just have an interest, be sure to invite them to our meetings and the car shows this year.

I think that is about it for this month.  Will see you next month!


Next Meeting

February 9, 2015


January 22, 2015 - Due Amiche's in Conway