September 2016


September Minutes

In the absence of President, Larry Jones, Vice-president Ken Hamacher called the meeting to order with 19 members and three guests present.

Ken requested our guest to introduce themself. 

Renee Gates read the secretary report.  Don Searls made a motion to approve the minutes as read.  Jim Bemis seconded the motion.  The motion passed. 

Thomas Hudson gave the treasurer’s report  Don Searls made a motion to approve the report.  Eric Jones seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  

Old Business

Don Searls attended the Frog Follies held in Evansville, Indiana with Jim & Alberta Bemis.  This show host pre-1949 street rods.  The show this year had 3,400+ cars. 

Jim & Alberta Bemis attended the Shades of the Past show in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  This show host pre-1973 vehicles.  They had 2,400+ vehicles. 

Bruce Hamm attended a Volkswagen show that had 138 vehicles.

Eric Jones attended a Volkswagen show in Eureka Springs. 

In the next few weeks, shows will be held at Maumelle, Petit Jean Mountain and Lake DeGray.  The Dicky Shannon cruse will be held on October 22nd.

New Business

Don Searls suggested the club members consider voting to reduce the minimum bank balance to $3,500.00.  (The current minimum is $5,000.00.)   Then we could provide additional charitable gifts to organizations.  Don made a motion to reduce the minimum bank balance to $3,500.00.  Alberta Bemis provided a second to the motion.  This motion did not receive a vote after Jim Bemis suggested we table this issue until the next meeting.  He put it in the form of a motion.  Thomas Hudson seconded the motion.  The motion passed to table this issue. 

Bill Helton met with the manager of O’Reilly Auto Parts regarding door prizes for the TSCC car show. 

Don Searls advised the club that we have sufficient trophies for the 2017 car show.  He said that we had a problem getting judges this year and it may be more difficult for the 2017 show.

Buddy Holezeman won the 50/50 - $19.50.

The meeting was adjourned.  


October Minutes

President Larry Jones opened the meeting by asking everyone to please stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  There were 18 members present. 

In the absence of Secretary Renee Gates, Alberta Bemis took the minutes. 

Next month Renee will read the September and October minutes. 

Treasurer Thomas Hudson read the treasurers report

Old Business

President Jones read the flyers for upcoming car shows.

 Motion tabled from last month:  Don Searls had made a motion to lower the amount required to be maintained in the checking account from $5,000 to 3,000.  This $5,000 amount is for the purpose of funding/putting on car shows.  Discussion was held regarding same.  Joanne Hamm stated that this amount was set so we could still fund our two car shows per year in case our sponsors backed out.  This amount covers rental of facilities, insurance, trophies, door prizes, etc.  No decisions were made.

New Business

New Business:  Discussion was held regarding the club not being legally incorporated as a not for profit.  It appears that papers were drawn up but never filed with the Secretary of State.  Members felt the club should look into getting the incorporation in place.   Don Searls made a motion to form a committee of 3 or 4 people to revamp the old Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and get them legally up to date and filed.  Larry Jones, Ken Hamacher, and Don Searls agreed to be on the committee.  It was felt that a CPA could accomplish this and we should do this while the club has the money to do so.  Velma Spradlin suggested Joel Hawkins, CPA, be considered.   Jim Bemis pointed out that once this is accomplished it also involves keeping up with the annual tax papers required to be filed and not letting it fall through the cracks after a year or two.

 Discussion was held regarding what 3 or 4 charities the club wanted to donate to and how much money to donate.  Velma Spradlin suggested the Heart Association because she and Jerry lost a son due to heart disease this year.  The Automobile Museum at Petit Jean Mountain was suggested.  Bethlehem House was also suggested again this year.  This will be discussed further next month after everyone has had time to think about it.

 Discussion was held regarding if the club wished to do a cruise to Mt. Magazine to see the fall colors this month or if we wanted to go on the Shannon’s Annual Fall Cruise to Blanchard Springs on October 22nd.  It was agreed that those who wished to would join the Shannon’s Fall Cruise.  It leaves promptly at 8:30 a.m. from the parking lot in front of Office Depot, Conway.   They usually incorporate fun stops along the way.  Lunch will be at Wing Shack and Cheeseburger Grill, Mt. View.

Nomination of Officers for the upcoming year:  If anyone wants to volunteer for or run for an office please contact President Jones and let him know.  We will need to nominate and vote for officers at the November meeting.

Christmas Party:  Joanne Hamm will check with Bill Helton to see if we may hold our party there again this year.  Everyone agreed that the past parties there were great.

Door prizes were drawn for and Buddy Hoelzeman won the 50/50 again this month.  (This is where our money for the Christmas party comes from).

The club wants Secretary Gates to send Guy Cox a get will card at her earliest convenience.(Alberta took care of this for her).

Steve Watson made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  It was seconded and passed.


Just Something Extra

Next month the final plans for the Christmas part will be announced and we will have officer nominations and elections.  Please plan to attend the November meeting!


Next Meeting

November 14, 2016