March 2016



Vice-President, Ken (Hamacher) called the meeting to order with 17 members present plus six new members for a total of 23 members present.

Renee (Gates) gave the secretary report.  A motion was made by Jim (Bemis) to approve as read.  Alberta (Bemis) seconded the motion.  The motion passed.

Ken had our guest/new members introduce themselves:  Ron & Doni McIntire, Rhonda & Scott Morgan, Tim Brewer and Don Barnett.  Jane Barnett is a new member; however, she did not attend the meeting.   

Old Business

Our new banners were on display for the club members to view.  They look great.  

Bill (Helton) said the price on the car club jackets would be $15.00.  They would be black with embroidered logo on the front.  Don (Searls) & Bill will have information on the t-shirts at the April meeting.

New Business

Bill said that O’Reilly’s would donate door prices worth approx. $400.00.

Larry, Don, Jim, Alberta, Ken and Fred went to the Car Show Planning meeting on Saturday March 5, 2016.  Clubs from around the State brought information on their car shows for the year.  Don has compiled a list and he will post it on the StillKruzn website.  

Jerry Spradlin won the 50/50 - $26.00

The meeting was adjourned. 


Just Something Extra

Not going to promise anything, but we'll try to have something a little extra in this space each month.  It might be a trivia question, something from the TSCC President, or who knows what!

For this month, it will be a reminder to be at the April meeting on the 11th.  This will be our last full meeting before the car show on April 30th, which is fast approaching.  Remember we will need everyone we can get to make this thing work, we need help parking cars, directing traffic, registration, and setup, and don't forget cleaning up after it's over!  

So, we will see you at the meeting!


Next Meeting

April 11, 2016


No Eat-Out This Month