June 2015



The meeting was called to order by president Don Searls with 21 members and guest present.

The treasurer report was given by Thomas Hudson.

Old Business

We talked about the upcoming car show to be held on September 5, 2015.  Don said that the plaques are ready and that he had talked with the food vender that wanted us to lower his fee from $100.00 to $50.00. The vender was okay with still paying the regular fee of $100.00 and said that he will be at the car show. We have enough trophies that we got from Bryan Lin, for our upcoming car show and the next one in the spring.  We will only have to replace the name plates which should only cost approximately $200.00.  A motion was made, 2nd and approved to do this.  We will use the big trophies for awards such as best of show and special interest.  We will meet at McDonalds before we set up for the car show on September 5, at 6:00am.

We talked about the charities that we will be donating too this year.  A motion was made, 2nd. And approved to wait until after the car show to decide which charities and how much we will donate to the Petti Jean Automobile Museum.  Velma Spradlin suggested another charity to donate too.  It is the called “Relay for Life”.  It is the world’s largest fundraiser to end cancer.

Upcoming car shows for the month were announced by Don. If you need information about them, contact Don.  Friday Night Kruzn will be held on August 21, 2015, from 6-8pm at the Purple Cow.

New Business

Don, Kathy, Alberta, Jim, Fred and Renee all went to the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Ky.  They traveled 1,200 miles and had a wonderful time.  There were 10,257 cars registered at the show.

We also want to welcome our guest and new member Jim Buns.  He is friends with Ken and Libbie.  We also were glad to see Suzie and Jim Hicks who have not been able to come to our meetings for a while due to health reasons.  So glad they were able to come.

Door prizes were given out and the 50/50 was won by Alberta Bemis.

There will not be an eat out this month.

 A motion was made and 2nd to adjourn.


From the President

Well, next up is our car show on September 5.  A few things to remember are, that we are meeting for breakfast at McDonalds on Oak St at 6 am and will be onsite at the expo center at 7 am.  The doors open for registration at 8 am.  We will need all the help we can get, so try to be there as early as possible.  We will also need some help after the awards to get all the cars out and get the place cleaned up.

 This year will be over before we know and it'll be time to start the winter projects.  A couple of us have an idea for a fun get together for later this year when it cools off... there will be more on that later!

See you on the 5th!


Next Meeting

September 14, 2015


No Eat-Out This Month